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Mental Health Resources

Mahtomedi Mental Health Resources

Your emotional health and well-being are as important as your physical health and taking care of it is extremely important, especially in challenging times such as these. Please reach out to either your coaches or a health professional if you need anything during this season. Below, we have listed some resources for you.

Mahtomedi Resources

Carson McEvoy

School Psychologist

Phone: (651)762-5873

Terry Trautman

Mental Health Resource Coordinator

Phone: (651)762-5845

Ellen Cole

Academic Counselor

Phone: (651)762-5981

John Akins

Academic Counselor

Phone: (651)762-5844

Anne Erickson

Academic Counselor

Phone: (651)762-5847

Keith Miley

Academic Counselor

Phone: (651)762-5846

Kael Bacon

Restorative Practices/Social Worker

Phone: (651)762-5985

Other Resources


Free online mental health resource.